Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball - Will Keep Your Bird Busy for Weeks


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  • STRESS BALL FOR BIRDS - a busy bird is a happy bird. This food-safe, woven shredder ball is covered in brightly colored streamers and crinkle paper that will keep your companion shredding, picking, and preening for hours to find hidden blocks, balls, and more
  • SATISFIES INSTINCTUAL BEHAVIORS - chewing and shredding is a natural behavior of birds, hide seeds, treats or pellets for foraging challenges and nest building. Engaging your bird’s mind in a variety of ways is key to preventing boredom related behaviors in their bird house
  • ENCOURAGES PLAY AND EXERCISE - your feathered friend needs something to do on top of sitting on their bird perch. This hanging shredder ball filled with wooden blocks and toys promotes your bird’s physical and emotional health as well giving you piece of mind
  • SUPER SHREDDER BALL FUN - purchase includes 100% natural jute netting and one colorful hanging shredder ball, full of fun foraging strips. Best suited for large sized birds, including African Greys, Eclectus, and Macaws
  • MADE IN THE USA - all materials are non-toxic, completely bird safe, and easy to install with a stainless-steel chain and quick link for interchanging and hanging to the bird cage. Shredder balls are handmade, therefore not all shredder balls will look the same

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