Ecotrition Essential Blend for Cockatiels


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Ecotrition Essential Blend Cockatiel Diet is a premium mix of delicious seeds, fruits, nuts, and vegetables based on field research of cockatiels' natural dietary intake in the wild. Added Acacia flowers from their homeland of Australia are high in protein and have a taste cockatiels love. The result is an exquisite source of nutrition, flavor, and overall good health for your pet.

  • Super premium seed, fruit and nut blend for cockatiels
  • Based on field research of cockatiels' dietary intake in their natural wildlife habitat
  • Acacia flowers provide high protein and great natural taste

Ecotrition Essential Blend bird food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support your pet's growth, disease resistance and general health. Acacia seeds and flowers grow in the parts of Australia cockatiels call home, and are an important part of wild 'tiels' regular diets. Acacia flowers have twice the protein of wheat and a flavor cockatiels love.

Made in the USA.

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